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While many stick with shoes that are black, brown, or white–all classic colors that can match virtually anything–others prefer to venture out in their green, pink, or blue shoes.   Colored shoes can add a bit of oomph to an ordinary outfit, but you may be afraid to take the leap.

Lauren Conrad in Blue Shoes

Lauren Conrad in Blue Pumps

In fact, it’s not uncommon for someone to purchase a great pair of blue shoes that she loves, only to find that she’s not sure what to wear with them.   If this sounds like you, you can rest assured that your blue shoes will match a wide range of clothes.  The key is to pair them with simple outfits that allow the shoes to stand out.

When looking at blue shoes, there are many different shades you can choose from–light blue, bright blue and navy, and everything in between.   Look for shoes that capture the feeling that you want.

Navy shoes offer a professional looking alternative to black or brown shoes. If you choose to wear navy, be careful not to pair them with black clothes, as these two colors clash. Many people prefer to pair navy with white, which is a great combination, but you should take care that you don’t end up looking like a sailor.   It’s safer to match navy shoes with tan or beige clothes.

Light blue shoes are bright and summery–the perfect finishing touch for a floral dress. You can wear these with either a heel or flat, depending on your outfit.

Sienna Miller in Blue Boots

Sienna Miller in Blue Boots

Bright blue shoes will make a splash at any occasion.   They offer a nice contrast to the usual ho-hum.   Wear a pair of bright blue heels with a black or white dress. You can also wear bright blue shoes with jeans or shorts.

A fun way to get even more contrast when wearing blue shoes is to purchase shoes that have a peep hole toe.   This allows you to wear an opaque colored stocking with the shoe and have it show through.    If you’re feeling bold, you can choose some great contrasting colors with this option–hot pink with light blue or bright blue with yellow.

Women aren’t the only ones that can wear blue shoes.  Navy blue men’s shoes can look good with certain suits, or you can go a little wild, pairing a brighter blue with a funky suit, like a zoot suit.   In casual footwear, there are a number of styles of blue sneakers.   These will go with just about anything you could think of, whether your style is jeans or khakis.

Of course, both men and women that are interested in blue shoes should consider purchasing a pair of blue suede shoes. The popularity of the Elvis song with the same name ensures that you will get a lot of attention whenever you wear the shoes. Everyone will want to comment on them.

Beyonce Knowles in Gucci Blue Sandals

Beyonce Knowles in Gucci Blue Sandals

Blue shoes aren’t for everyone, but there are plenty of great reasons to buy them. They can add a bit of spice to even the most drab wardrobe and are almost as versatile as your old black standbys.

We have shoes in every style and shade of blue.   Just click the links below to shop for women’s blue shoes in any style or shade of blue that you would like.

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Women’s shoes are easy to find in nearly every style and shade of blue.   Large online shoe retailers allow you to search for shoes by color as well as style many retailers have free shipping and returns, so if the shoe you order online is not quite the right shade of blue, it costs little or nothing to exchange or return your shoes.  Ebay also has a wide selection of blue shoes for women.